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Catfish Moon is located in beautiful Annapolis Royal just 2 hours drive from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

170 Saint George St.
Box 663, Annapolis Royal
Nova Scotia, Canada, B0S 1A0

About Us

Hi, my name is Laura and I would like to tell you about what I do. After recent events, when people were sitting at home all alone for weeks, I wanted to help them during this difficult time. I decided to rent an interesting house, this is a real historical building and make all my dreams come true in it. Now those who have been sitting for a long time and were discouraged will be able to find themselves in an interesting occupation. Here you can really work with your hands and make something very amazing and interesting.

I also often conduct my master classes so that everyone can see and later learn. I really love what I do and therefore I draw inspiration from the process itself. Now you can feel it together with me. Come yourself or bring your children and friends to us. Together we will be able to find a common topic and do an interesting thing.

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