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San Francisco Magazine, December 2020:

“For 36 years, rock and roll’s elite made albums and mayhem at the Record Plant, in Sausalito—but a little more than a year ago, the place was foreclosed on, and the music died. For the people who recorded or worked there, the studio will be remembered as the site of remarkable creative convergence, in which a flush music industry drunk on a seemingly endless supply of great bands discovered a place where musicians could always count on having a seriously good time.”

Pt. Reyes Light, 2020-04-09:

“The door to John Neff’s Inverness laboratory opens to an imposing stack of Marshall amps. Inside, Neff sits alone, hunched before an array of dials, knobs and buttons. Upon all the windowsills stand lines of empty wine bottles.

Neff wears a salt-and-pepper goatee and reading glasses. He’s tinkering with a track by Nightsage, the Gothic band in which he plays guitar and keyboard. He wants to demonstrate the powers of his Yamaha mixer.”   

West Marin Citizen:

“Inverness recording engineer and producer John Neff was awarded a Platinum
Album for his engineering work on the 2019 album (CD) 'Revelation' by the
rock band Journey.

Recorded at the legendary Plant Studios in Sausalito, the CD was certified
Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America in 2019. Former
Plant Studios owner Arne Frager and his wife Mari Neff presented the award to
Neff on March 29 at a musicians mixer hosted by Bay Area Sound Studios.”

Mix, March 25, 2019:

“The phenomenally successful band Journey has recorded a Greatest Hits album plus an album of new material with engineer John Neff and producer Kevin 'Caveman' Shirley. Sessions took place with new lead singer Arnel Pineda at Sausalito’s famed The Plant recording studio ‘B’ and employed the new Telefunken | USA U47 recreation of the legendary vintage tube large diaphragm condenser microphone.

'We were set to go with the studio’s classic U47', recalls John Neff. 'It’s a microphone that has played a key role in hundreds of gold and platinum albums, but when we set up we heard a strange high end whistling. I suspected the tube might be going bad and went into a near panic.' ”   

Mix, Nov. 13, 2018:

“Engineer and accomplished musician John Neff (pictured, photo by David Lynch) is the chief engineer and manager of David Lynch’s Asymmetrical Studio. Among the favored tools he turns to for his everyday audio processing needs, in addition to special projects, are Waves' plug-ins.

Neff uses Waves' Gold Bundle for a wide array of audio processing applications, along with the Restoration Bundle for sound effects. Neff recently used Waves products for the recently released Eraserhead, which is available at “It was a year-and-a-half process to clean the master," Neff explained. "David had every single frame done digitally by hand in high-definition.”

Mix Dec. 1, 2018:

“San Francisco Bay Area — based audio engineer/film mixer John Neff recently completed a mix of Michael Franti's new documentary film, I Know I'm Not Alone, at The Plant Studio's The Garden Studio in Sausalito, Calif. The film looks at the lives of people living under foreign military occupation, specifically in Iraq, Palestine and Israel. Neff mixed using Pro Tools|HD and numerous Waves plug-ins. The film's mix stems were monitored and folded down in the studio's SSL 8096 console.”

What We Do

  • Film Mix
  • ADR
  • Foley
  • SFX
  • Sound Design
  • Scoring
  • Music
  • Mastering
Twofold; both the composition of a film's musical score, and the recording thereof. A composer 'scores' a film by writing the music themes and cues, a recording engineer/producer 'scores' the film in recording and mixing such music.
The final act in the creation of a CD or other recorded music project, in which disparate mixes or other elements are brought into the same sonic universe by an engineer using precision tools.
The well-known but little understood art of pitches and tempos moving in time. Capable of creating great emotions. We write it, record it, mix it and master it.
The art of designing the mood and aura of a film's soundtrack, to give the whole movie a cohesive sound atmosphere. Often starts before a movie is put into production.
Short for Sound Effects. The sound elements in a film's soundtrack that enhance what you see on screen, either to make it real or to fill in for weak production sound elements.
The art of replacing or adding to production sound effects, for greater dramatic impact, in a film's Effects Stem. Named after the original artist Jack Foley.
Remixing all the audio elements of a film into three 5.1 surround 'stems'-Dialog, Music and Effects-then combining those stems into the six-channel final mix.
Automated Dialog Replacement: The practice of replacing production dialog with new dialog recorded in a studio. Sometimes done for technical reasons, sometimes for artistic.