NightForest Studios

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Consoles: Euphonix CS-3000 96 fader with ES-108 dynamics units and surround cube; Yamaha 02R V2 Digital Surround 40 Input Mixer

Recorders: (2) Digidesign TDM systems. Main system is a 40 Input/Output MIX system, with 13-slot PCI Expansion Cage, and SCSI and Firewire Drive Systems. Secondary is 24 Input/Output system, with SCSI or Firewire Drive systems, mainly used for offline film sound element editing. Digidesign 002/Laptop Recording system, for Offline Editing or Location recording. Digidesign M-Box system for offline editing or field recording 40-Track Alesis ADAT system, mainly used for location recording or transfers. Otari and Fostex 2-Track Analog Mastering recorders. Panasonic SV-3700 DAT recorder. Sony PCM-501 F1 Digital 2-Track Mastering system.

Plugins for ProTools: Full Waves Suite, Trillium Labs, Digidesign.

Microphones: Over 60 mics, including Telefunken, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Shure, Electro-Voice, Countryman and Groove Tubes.

Outboard Gear

Reverbs: Lexicon 224, AKG BX-10, (2) tc electronic M-3000, Yamaha SPX-90, (2) Alesis XT:c, Furman RV-1 Spring.

Preamps: Neve, Focusrite, tc electronic, ART, Valley People, Behringer Tube.

EQ: Moog, Furman, UREI, ART, Behringer Tube.

Compressors: UREI LA-4, dbx 160/162 VU, 163, 164, Valley People Dyna-Mite and MFX, ART Optical, Orban 412 and 516, Behringer Tube, Alesis.

Delays: Yamaha, Korg, bel BD80, Ibanez.

Flange/Chorus/Phase/Harmonizer: Eventide, MXR, Roland, DigiTech.

Bass Preamps: Trace-Elliott, Roland.

Monitors: Event 5.1, JBL, Auratone.

Mastering: tc electronic Finalizer.


Keyboards: Vintage 1968 Hammond B3 Organ, (2) 122 Tube Leslies, Hohner Clavinet D6, Fender/Rhodes Stage 73 Electric Piano, Korg SG1-D Sampled Grand Piano, Kurzweil Ensemble Grand Piano, Yamaha DX-7/TX-7, Roland D-50, Korg MS-10/MS-20/VC-10 Analog Modular Synths/Vocoder, ARP Odyssey/Omni, (2) Sequential Prophet-600, SIX-Trak, Prophet-2000, Moog Polymoog, Emulator, Kurzweil PX-1000, Korg WaveStation A/D, EX-800 modules, other MIDI modules.

Amplifiers: Many Vintage guitar and bass amplifiers from Fender, Ampeg, Silvertone/Danelectro and Marshall. Fender 825 guitar Leslie.

News Flash

The new home of NightForest Studios in is the final stages of construction, and is expected to be operational in late April or early May, 2010.

Persons interested in inquiring as to rates, availability and scheduling are encouraged to contact Mr. Arne Frager, VP of Sales and Marketing, via email  or by telephone at (415) 269-4487.

Twofold; both the composition of a film's musical score, and the recording thereof. A composer 'scores' a film by writing the music themes and cues, a recording engineer/producer 'scores' the film in recording and mixing such music.
The final act in the creation of a CD or other recorded music project, in which disparate mixes or other elements are brought into the same sonic universe by an engineer using precision tools.
The well-known but little understood art of pitches and tempos moving in time. Capable of creating great emotions. We write it, record it, mix it and master it.
The art of designing the mood and aura of a film's soundtrack, to give the whole movie a cohesive sound atmosphere. Often starts before a movie is put into production.
Short for Sound Effects. The sound elements in a film's soundtrack that enhance what you see on screen, either to make it real or to fill in for weak production sound elements.
The art of replacing or adding to production sound effects, for greater dramatic impact, in a film's Effects Stem. Named after the original artist Jack Foley.
Remixing all the audio elements of a film into three 5.1 surround 'stems'-Dialog, Music and Effects-then combining those stems into the six-channel final mix.
Automated Dialog Replacement: The practice of replacing production dialog with new dialog recorded in a studio. Sometimes done for technical reasons, sometimes for artistic.